Upheavel (Crysis 2 MOD)


Project Manager

5 Days

Team of 4 People



Upheal is a Level made for “Crysis 2” using Cryengine 3.

Alzatraz gets stuck in the story weather on the unknown island either he has to kill or get killed, in his adventures journey he faces Epic Alien monster and “Frooby” an alien friend who will help him to get out of the island alive.


The gameplay follow that of the Crysis 2 with AI modification.

Development Process:

1. Pre-production (1 Day): Defined the Story, Reference Images, Top down Layout with player flow, pacing and progression.

2. Production (4 Days): White Boxing, Assets Placement, AI Placement and Tuning, Flow graph cut scenes and AI Spawns.

3. Post– Production (1/2 Day): QA, Play testing and Video Teaser.


  • Task Building, Allocation and Management.
  • Maintaining latest build using “Perforce”.
  • Production Tracking.
  • Custom AI flowgraphing for friendly AI.
  • Daily Builds submission to Producer and getting feedback.



Prototype: *will be added soon*


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