Alternate Reality Game

Game Designer

Team of 4 People


NUKE was a alternate reality game. Where the team is faced with terrorist situation and have to diffisue the bomb to save the people.


There are Two team, one is terrorist team equipped with Binocular, Water Guns and walkie talkie and another survivor team is equipped with Water Guns. Survivor team is split into two groups, one group has to solve puzzle on pc which will give me the clue to which wire to cut to successful diffuse the bomb and another group has to find bomb which is placed in campus and diffuse it but the campus is filled with hidden terrorist team who can shoot with water gun and disqualify the survivor members.

The Game was designed in way to have gameplay time of 30mins and give all the participants the experience and adrenaline of the event.

Tools Used: PC, Walkie Talkies, Water Pistols, Binoculars and fake bombs


  • Manage Team Members.
  • Bomb Location and Clue Design.
  • Team members’ placement.
  • Required Items management.




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