Point and Click Game

10 Days

Technical Game Designer

Team of 8 People


Extinction is a game designed for a NGO called Planet Tiger. The goal of the game was to create awareness about the Tiger extinction.


The Gameplay was simple point and click because it was target for casual audience with or without gaming experience.

Core Gameplay is player controlling the movement of the tiger, and avoiding dangerous traps, hunter etc with the objective to let player experience the hardships the tigers face in the current time.

Development Process:

1. Pre-production (1 Day): Defined the Story, Platform, Roles, Game Mechanics validations.

2. Production (4 Days): Rapid prototyping, R&D on Tigers survivals and threats presented by current ecosystem, Art Style Exploration.

3. Post– Production (1 Day): QA, Play testing and Marketing (Facebook Promotion, Video Teaser).


  • Technical Design of Game.
  • Creation, Managing and Task Allocation for Programmer.
  • Technical Assistance, Feedback to Team.



Prototype: *on request*

Update :

Game gets selected by Planet Tiger.



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