Eco, The Cloud Shepherd

Eo, the cloud Shepherd (IOS)

Technical Game Designer

8 Months

Team of 5 People


The Game is about “Eo”, the servant of god who has to help the tribes survive by using his only power of controlling clouds.


The player controls the creation, movement and states of the cloud to help the tribes by raining, thunder or as simple as giving shadow to fellow tribesmen.

Development Process:

We followed a simple production system of

1. Pre-production: Defined the Platform, Audience, Role, and Game Design validation, Rapid prototyping of the core mechanics and the gameplay pillar and play testing within the team.

2. Production: Creation of Alpha and Beta based on Pre-production.

3. Post – Production: QA, External Play testing, Bug Fixing and Marketing.


  • Game Design Feedback from Technical Point.
  • Technical Design Analysis and Documentation.
  • Managing External Programmers.
  • Closely working with Game Designer for technical perspective about possibility of implementation in given time.



Prototype: *on request*

Offical Site :

Update: After the completion of the Production Cycle, the Game got took over by another team and currently finalist for “SQUARE ENIX Development Content India 2012“.

Update: Game won 1st prize in SQUARE ENIX 2012 contest


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