A Tale of Sand


A Tale of Sand ! (PC)

Game Designer / Lead Level Designer

8 Months Project

Team of 5 people


Players play as a sand ball which is trapped in a house and tries to escape from there. When the sand ball is in contact with specific elements or objects, it gets modified for a limited amount of time. All along the game, player has the abilities to change property of sand ball. For example, when the sand ball is in touch with wind, the grains are scattering which allow the sand ball to slide into air. Player also upgrades those abilities by collecting other grains of sand which are scattered all over the house.


The player controls the character made of Sand and acquires elemental power as it progresses in its journey.

Development Process:

We followed a simple production system of

1. Pre-production: Defined the Platform, Audience, Role, and Game Design validation, Rapid prototyping of the core mechanics and the gameplay pillar and play testing within the team.

2. Production: Creation of Alpha and Beta based on Pre-production.

3. Post – Production: QA, External Play testing, Bug Fixing and Marketing.


  • Competitor Analysis and Concurrency survey.
  • Game mechanics design,implementation and tuning.
  • Player Ergonomics Design and implementation.
  • Level Design and implementation.
  • Play-testing and iteration.


4943124_orig9861125_orig157086_349895358454143_580752645_n 420067_349895998454079_531700373_n 457195_orig 487185_343818025728543_66965134_n 522707_345111262265886_1250788882_n 529534_361141330662879_34538462_n 599060_345111235599222_107004021_n 602031_343818112395201_1277340000_n 1641132_orig  


will be updated

Update: A Tale of Sand is awarded 1st with distinction by Dsk Supinfogame jury 2013.


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