NASSCOM BYOG 2012 – GameJam


Build Your Own Game (BYOG) is a game development sprint in which game developers get together, team up and make games. BYOG will last 60 hours in which teams will do focused game development and build prototypes (aka proof of concepts) to showcase and pitch game ideas around the themes of the sprint.

The final themes for the sprint were: Death, Stealth, Gods.


Team Name : GizmoMonks

Role: Game Designer

Game Name : Overthrown *link*

Game Info:- Overthrown is a 3D Isometric, Turn Based game that takes place within the Greek Mythos and its gods.

Premise –

Hades, the God of the Underworld has made an attempt to take over the realm of Thanatos, the god of Death in search of an Artifact. Thanatos does not take this well and retaliates, repelling Hades’ forces and entering the Underworld, with the aim of defeating and overthrowing him, taking Hades’ power for himself.

Gameplay Description –

Hades, as the God of the Underworld, creates a variety of traps and monsters in his perfect dungeon to stop and prevent the player from reaching him.

TheĀ  player takes control of Thanatos, who enters the Underworld, and makes his way to the end of the dungeon.

He must manage his Godly energy, for if he runs out of it, he will be unable to make any actions, which can mean a loss since it disables him from tkaing any action. Not only that, when a monster dies, it releases energy which can be absorbed by the gods.

Thanatos, in addition can change himself into a non-living form of death, becoming a ghost, in order to navigate through certain traps



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Game Alpha Link (Proof of Concept)


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